16.01 2019

Samoa's waterfalls and lagoons

Image Samoa's waterfalls and lagoons

Island in Oceania, Samoa is just beautiful and can offer many things to do. Watching waterfalls and lagoons are one of these activities.

Waterfalls and lagoons

As we know, Samoa is composed of 4 inhabited islands. In these islands, there are outnumbered waterfalls and lagoons:

  • Papapapaitai Fall is the largest and the highest waterfall in Samoa, in Apia. It can reach up to 100 meters. Not far from the road, this waterfall is between ‘The Shrine of the Three Hearts', a hotel and the ‘Bahai Temple'. The best activity to do is splash in the lagoon of the waterfall. 
  • Togitogiga Fall is located in Saleluia village, this fall was considered as the great warriors' swimming area. Now, visitors practice picnics and swimming in the shallow water under the fall. This place is so relaxing: the best place to learn to dive and swim, enjoying nature in this rainforest rich in plant species. 
  • Fatumea Pool is lso called “Puila Cave Pool”, it's a natural pool located in North Upolu. As visitors or locals, this famous pool has a main cave on the north side flooded tunnel that leads to the smaller cave. 
  • Mu Pagoa Falls is located in Savai'i in Puela village, it's a set of falls, which pour directly in the sea. One of the rarest waterfalls in Samoa islands, it's necessarily a place to visit. 
  • Sopoaga Fall is bordered with beautiful gardens of the native fauna, it's one of the hidden waterfalls in Upolu, Samoa.

What things to do in Samoa?

Apart from diving in waterfalls and lagoons, Samoa is interesting with its beaches and National parks. Nevertheless sometimes, lying on the beach and swimming in the sea can cost you a lot in Samoa. 

It belongs to their traditions and tourists should not be shocked if they're asked to pay for their time in lagoons. In Samoa Islands, many activities are available. Nevertheless, it's recommended to learn to dive in Samoa lagoons.

Having this particularity to cascade in seas, waterfalls in Samoa have in their underside some coral reefs. Then, learning to dive becomes one of the hobbies that tourists want to do there.

In addition, in lagoons, tourists are advised to go snorkeling. Swimming with Samoan fish species and getting in The To-Sua Ocean Trench: an enchanted swimming pool in the world.

It's a pool naturally dug where tourists want to have the best place to go on the top to dive in 20 meters below. To go to Samoa islands, it's better to rely on online travel agency such as Opodo, the number one, belonging to the ODIGEO group provides you the best itineraries to reach this place.

Opodo has options for everyone: alone or in family, it offers you choices regarding the options you selected. From the plane tickets to the hotels and cars to rent during the stay.

All the organization will be easier with Opodo because of its services in 225 countries around the world. As a Pacific island, Samoa has beautiful and amazing sites to visit.

Just to appreciate the landscape or to have great moments with nature, waterfalls in Samoa should be in everyone's bucket list. So, as the Samoan saying goes: “Fiafia i lau Malaga” which means “Enjoy your trip”. Book your flights and discover these natural places.