Welcome to the Samoa Islands

Photo Welcome to the Samoa Islands

Welcome to the paradisiac islands, Samoa. In the heart of Pacific Ocean through Polynesian islands, Samoa islands are so amazing to see. Composed of ten islands of which only four are inhabited and the rest are unoccupied, Samoa islands have many versions of paradise.

What are the islands in Samoa?

Samoa is considered to be the heart of Polynesia. Samon Islands were divided into two nations in 1899: the Samoan islands as independent nations, and the American Samoa which was incorporated into the United States.

The uninhabited Samoa lands are: Fanuatapu, Namua, Nu'ulopa, Nu'ulua, Nu'usafe'e, Nu'utele. However, there is amazing wildlife in volcanic tuff rings like Fanuatapu, Nu'ulua, Nu'utule. Additionally, Nu'utule is famous for its nature birdlife, and Namua has a fascinating beach for tourists. Upalu is the most populated island in Samoa among Savï'ï, Manono and Apolima.

What make these islands special?

Paradise because of their tropical climate. With a rainy season from December to April, the warm climate is in optimum with perfect the sea breeze.

Samoa Islands history is so captivating knowing that the islands were discovered 3 000 years ago. Conquered by Tu'i Tonga Empire, they revolted in the eightieth century to get independence.

The last but not the least is the Samoa cultures. Different as in urban way, Samoa has specific cultures, languages and behaviors. Samoan people are welcoming and saying “Talofa”,which means Hello in Samoa, can draw a smile from them.

What to do in Samoa Islands?

As soon as we hear Island, words as sea, beach and coconuts immediately come to mind. That's right! However, in Samoa Islands, we can do more than swimming and walking along the beaches. 

Surfing. Every year, many visitors and vacationers surf in Upolu and Savai'i beaches. For Upolu, Lano and Ananao beaches are fascinating; and Manase and Fagamalo are always the best surfing destinations. In Savai'i, the best path for the south coast are at the Cape Utumauu in Apia east, and from Matautu to Matatufu.

  •  Diving. For those who love to explore the underwater beauty, dive below surfaces and discover over 900 fishes and 200 types of coral.
  •  Climbing. Climber lovers, Samoan Islands are mountainous and have a summit with 1 858 meters long, implanted in Savai'I, called Mauga Silisili.
  •  Cycling through the rainforests. For eco-fashioned travelers, cycling is among the best way to explore Samoa Islands, even the Samoa rainforests. Due to the tropical climate and fertile soils, there are attractive rainforests with mangrove and wetland areas which make the islands a unique tourist destination.

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